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Enhance Your Stamp Collection.

We hope you’ll find our range of collectable philatelic stamps of interest. Collectors can fill gaps, expand their stamp collection and buy investment quality stamps at competitive prices. We try and cater for all collectors, no matter what your budget we are always adding new and unusual material that may enhance your collection.

Stamp Collecting, For Pleasure And Investment

People have been collecting stamps since they were first produced in the 19th Century. These days the hunt for the rare and unusual drives stamp collecting habits and the internet allows us to find many items previously unlocatable even if they are only worth a few $$. It’s the unique mix of pleasure and sound investment potential that makes stamp collecting so popular.

Selling Your Stamp Collection?

North Shore Stamps is an Auckland Stamp Dealer and registered member of the New Zealand Stamp Dealers Association (NZSDA). We are wanting to purchase quality stamp collections, postcard collections, accumulations and estate lots depending on our stock requirements. Call us in Auckland on 09 4457380 to discuss your collection.

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